Ghana's finest All Female Band

The lipstick band was formed in August 2016. The band focuses or plays its own brand of
music known as hi-life and Afrobeat. The band has been performing extensively and are
currently the top women band in West Africa.

+233 Jazz Bar And Grill - Wednesday nights


Lipstick band is an all women band in Ghana made up of 8 women who come from different
professional backgrounds. It began some 10 years ago with the very first all women band in
Ghana called Dzesi “women of colour” band. This band put together a crop of women who
knew music to some extent but were not playing professionally. The band (Dzesi) was
launched in 2009 at the Alliance Francaise in Accra Ghana. The band played many gigs both
local and international. International programs such as the 16th NAK festival (Nuit Atipiques
de (Koudougou) in Burkina Faso, 50th anniversary of Ivory Coast, SICA (Stars de
I’Intergration Culturelle Africaine) in Cotonou Bennin just to mention a few. The band went
ahead to win an award for women in creative art industry in 2012.


We are passionate artistes and dedicated musicians 

Performance Schedule

+233 Jazz Bar and grill

Gold Coast,Osu

Contact for Booking

For all events and performance booking and general enquiries about the band,get in touch with us and we will get back to you shortly.